Custom-made event

Create an tailor-made event based on:

  • Your brand or product
  • The occasion (motivation seminar, launch, birthday, party, customer reception...)
  • a theme or basic proposal for the event

Clients from the perfume world

To give your employees and clients the opportunity to discover or rediscover your brand in a new and original way, Cinquième Sens offers unique events with fun and interactive games based around your perfumes.


Communicate about your brand DNA and your industry in a unique way through the customized olfactory workshops created by Cinquième Sens

Suggested themes :

  • Cars (leathery smell)
  • Oenology and spirits (Cognac, Champagne, Whisky)
  • Plants (the different varieties of rose)
  • Gastronomy (chocolates, teas, olive oil ...)

Possible variations

  • Taste
  • Touch

  • Vision
  • Hearing