Cinquième Sens Coworking

The first ever coworking space dedicated to perfume, and fragrance creation

Package 3 : Olfalab

The first shared perfumery laboratory

  • Package 1 & 2
  • 400 Raw materials in 5% solution in ethanol
  • Download the list
  • 6 weighing positions (base of 80 raw materials per item)
  • Unlimited glassware (15ml flasks, 2.5ml vials)
  • Weighing 5% unlimited, except "Deluxe" raw materials
  • Access to the IFRA 48 workbook, and its user tutorial


  • No diploma required, access requires the success of a laboratory proficiency test (dilution calculation, weighing protocol, good laboratory practice)
  • All coworkers perfumers are required to comply with the security and confidentiality regulations, to sign at registration

Concentrate production

  • Cinquième Sens can accompany you to the production of perfume concentrate, in partnership with the company Accord & Parfum
  • Terms and conditions to discuss by appointment with our perfumers.