Introduction to the techniques and the language of perfumery

A stroll through the universe of perfume, from the origin of raw materials to the classification of perfumes


  • Acquired knowledge, perfect or structure theoretical and olfactory knowledge
  • Develop a «Perfume Culture»
  • Master vocabulary to describe a perfume
  • Identify key notes in a perfume


  • Perfume enthusiasts who would like to work in the perfume world
  • Students who would like to start a marketing or sales career in perfumery
  • Professionals who are joining the perfumery sector or who would like to have an objective view of the perfume world


  • 1 Olfactorium®
  • 1 Workbook



  • Physiological diagram
  • Olfaction and emotions
  • Principles and techniques for memorization
  • Different types of raw materials
  • Extraction process and their products
  • Notions of top – middle – base notes
  • From perfume to eau de toilette: differences in formula and concentration
Language for describing a perfume
  • Olfactory study of 18 words: Citrus, Floral, Fruity etc...


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PARIS 21-22 February 2018 2 days Register
PARIS 03-04 April 2018 2 days Register
PARIS 23-24 October 2018 2 days Register
GRASSE 15-16 February 2018 2 days Register
GRASSE 12-13 April 2018 2 days Register
GRASSE 08-09 October 2018 2 days Register