The Fragrance Sales Program

Mastery of key skills for emotional counseling in the sale of perfume


  • Know how to identify your customer’s personality based on style
  • Know how to suggest the perfume that will suit the customer thanks to the PPI method (perfume, personality, image)
  • Use keywords from PPI to turn his/her emotions into a purchase


  • Sales consultants
  • Store animators
  • Marketing - Merchandising
  • Sales team
  • Brand trainer


  • 1 Workbook



  • Reminder about sales fundamentals
  • The pyramid of emotions: 3 emotional facets
  • Sale a perfume: cause emotion in the client, understand and respect their feelings and share the emotion
  • Emotions reflect the quality of a relationship
  • Reason makes one think emotion made to act
  • Style and Personality :
What is style?
Discovery of different clothing styles and one’s own style
In-depth study of each style
Correlation between style and perfume
Words to talk about this


Calendar's dates indicate courses for persons wishing to attend training in French group lessons.
For English courses in private or in-company group lessons, please contact us to require a custom quote.

Where Date Duration Inscription
PARIS 05-06 June 2018 2 days Register
PARIS 26-27 September 2018 2 days Register
GRASSE 12-13 February 2018 2 days Register