Since 1983, Cinquième Sens has put its technical skills at the service of training: from initiation to creation, to acquire, perfect or structure its olfactory knowledge.

Listen, exchange, examine the need and define the best way to carry out training projects in order to pass on our skills to professionals, jobseekers and individuals.

A wide choice of professional training specific to the field of perfume, you are offered in inter-company, intra-company or customized.


    A team of experienced trainers. Some training rooms located in the heart of Paris and Grasse. Private courses in french or english.

    Since 2017, Cinquième Sens it's :

  • A certificate Veriselect Professional Training.
  • A partner with ALBERT VIEILLE compagny, supplier of 100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials for perfumery and aromatherapy professionals, for 100 years -
  • A Datadock referenced, to meet the decree of the quality of training organizations. Opca, Opacif, Fongecif, Pôle Emploi and the Regions are now guarantors of the quality of the training they finance.
  • An register in Dokelio, database of professional continuing training (FPC) on public financing (conventionné) or private.


  • The Olfactorium® : miniature translation of the perfumer's Orgue. It allows to olfactoryly illustrate the raw materials and perfumes specific.
  • The Olfactive pyramid : visual representation modeling the construction of a perfume, created by Monique Schlienger.
  • The Rose de Vents: graphical representation of the perfume families, it allows to visualize in a blink of an eye the olfactory tendace of a year.
  • The Olfacthèque : our online search engine enriched with data: perfumers, brands, olfactory families and raw materials, as well as all the great famous perfumes, but also the disappearing perfumes, the current creations. Of course, every season, the latest fragrances launched.


All our catalog programs are in French. However, they can all be adapted in English, in private lessons.

Formations in English ideal to learn the formulation, through a cultural, technical and creative.

Training Theme Duration View

Summer School

An Immersion in perfumery world 5 days

Summer School

An Immersion in perfumery world 10 days

Ideal trainings to integrate the world of the professional perfumery and to immerse themselves in language of the smells, the raw materials and the perfumes.

Training Theme Duration View

Introduction to perfumery technique

A journey into the world of perfumery, from the origin of raw materials to the classification of perfumes. 2 days

Olfactory Improvement

Study of the main raw materials by facet and illustration by the most representative perfumes. 4 days

Training courses on perfume, trends, market leaders, new products, brands and the history of perfumery. A global overview of the very exclusive perfume market in France and throughout the world.

Training Theme Duration View

A Century of Women’s / Men’s perfumes

Retrospective of perfume since the beginning of the 19th century 2 days

Study of the Top 10 World

An olfactory and visual of the top 10 in different world countries (study of 4 geographical areas) 1 day

Olfactive Trends

Study of trends in last 3 years 1 day

Perfume Launches

An olfactory and marketing study of all of the year’s launches 1 day

The Confidential Perfumery France

A study of the emotional and olfactory world of the main french niche brands 1 day

World Tour of the Confidential Perfumery

A study of the emotional and olfactory world of the main world niche brands 1 day

Collection - Haute Parfumerie

A study of the emotional and olfactory world of the main private collections 1 day

A comprehensive curriculum to better understand the profession of perfumer-creator and to potentially become a ‘nose.’ From the knowledge of raw materials to the formulation of perfumes.

Levels Training Theme Duration View

Expertise to perfumery techniques and the language of scents

Complete immersion in the perfumery universe, from the origin of raw materials to perfume classification 4 days

Introduction to the chemistry of perfumes

A few notions of chemistry applied to perfumery 1 day

Raw Materials

Complete study of raw materials by theme 9 days

Laboratory introduction and Quality control

Understand laboratory notions and quality control. Training only available in French 1 day

Formulation Workshop

Formulate, create and evaluate in order to master the construction of major fragrances 18 days

Training Theme Duration View

From the idea to the product

Presentation of the key steps in developing a fragrance, from the idea to the bottle. 1 day

The Fragrance Sales Program

Mastery of key skills for emotional counseling in the sale of perfume 2 day

Training to set up as needed. Quotation request.

Training Theme Duration View

The Fragrance Development Program

Comprehension and method of fragrance development steps and key success factor of a launch -

Study of the Top 20 France

An olfactory and visual study of the Top 20 on the feminine and masculine fragrance market -

A journey through a olfactory family

Study of the evolution of an olfactory family -

Olfactory territory brands

A study of the emotional and olfactory perfume of a brand -


Cinquième Sens offers various short courses allowing you to continue with your work or other activities while training. Consult our brochure.