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16 & 18, rue de Monttessuy
75007 PARIS

phone : 01 47 53 79 16


Monday-Friday: 9h-13h / 14h-18h

From the top of its three hundred metres, the Iron Lady jealously watches over the surrounding streets. At number 18 of the discreet rue de Monttessuy, a mysterious grey-clad laboratory distills, drop by drop, a few words engraved on its glass walls.

Know-How Training
Animation Smell Emotion
Consulting Expertise PerfumeCreation
Olfactorium ®

What are they hiding? A magic formula?
The stages of an initiatory discourse in which, it seems, smell and perfume play an essential role? On the door, a mysterious openwork metal symbol points its nose. A pictogram that tends towards infinity and sensually mixes the number 5 and the letter S.

Our team

Our dream team of perfumers, evaluators and lab assistants breathes new creative air into the world of fragrance.

Their role: to smell and smell again, all the novelties, the revolutionary agreements of perfumery and also coffee, tea, chocolate, spirits, wines, cosmetics, leather… to create perfumes and to put sense in this frenzy of the olfactory world.



Emmanuelle VARRON


Isabelle FERRAND


Maureen LAWSON

Camille LEGUAY

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      Vous recevrez régulièrement des informations sur l’actualité de Cinquième Sens.

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