Olfalab – Package 3

Olfalab – Package 3

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With precision scales in private workstations containing perfume organs of 400 raw materials, all in a 5% solution in ethanol, you’ll find everything you need to weigh, test, and develop an unlimited number of your own compositions. These ergonomically designed workstations in a bright, calm space, are equipped with modern tools.

Access to this package requires you to pass a test (dilution calculations, good lab practices, general knowledge, and fragrance quality control) in order to work independently in the lab.

Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm
Last entry at 5pm.

Address: 16 Rue de Monttessuy 75007 Paris – Ground floor

The laboratory is open for all who passed the entering test proposed by Cinquième Sens.

Booking is highly recommended : coworking@cinquiemesens.com

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  • 400 raw materials in a 5% alcoholic solution
  • 6 workstations for weighing (80 raw materials per station)
  • Unlimited use of laboratory equipment on site (2ml/ 15 ml bottles, blotters, pipettes)
  • Unlimited compositions, except for certain “DELUXE” raw materials under supervised use

Practical Information

For your first visit, please allow 30-40 minutes before accessing the laboratory in order to:

  • Pass the laboratory test
  • Register
  • Participate in a safety briefing

(10 – 15 minutes for each stage)


Do not purchase this package without first passing the required laboratory test.

If you do not pass the test, Cinquième Sens Training offers a refresher course. Please ask for a quotation.

Plan at least 2 hours to weigh each formula.


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