In 1987,

The Professional Olfactorium®: the first portable perfumer’s organ (238 vials) was showcased at the SAD (Salon des Artistes Décorateurs) in the Espace des Odeurs and Objet d’art area.

OLFACTORIUM®: an unusual yet evocative name, the suffix -rium meaning structure, a receptacle of fragrances, a new space for raw materials… ® Copyright Cinquième Sens


The Olfactorium® can be adapted to the general public thanks to its miniature version (48 vials).

The press compares it to:


The Olfactorium range was supplemented with a new 24-vial model.

The Olfactorium® is now even more accessible and can be personalized according to your needs.

The Olfactorium® has been personalised for over 20 years

Each training course leads to the creation of a different Olfactorium®. With its 48 or 24 bottles, this tool, which is indispensable for every olfaction session, allows the participants to develop their knowledge throughout their course.

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