Study the market

The Olfathèque is a goldmine that helps you discover the key elements of emblematic perfumes, the latest launches, and perfumes that are no longer on the market.

How it works

Our team of perfumers and evaluators identifies the main characteristics of each perfume, positioning it by family, facet, and its main fragrance notes.

We add the year it launched, the name of the perfumer and the company who made it, along with a description of the perfume.

The Olfathèque is updated continually, each time the Cinquième Sens team evaluates a new perfume.

Refine your search

Do you need to know about women’s Oriental perfumes with a pear note that were on the market from 2010 to 2019? Are you looking for Chanel perfumes with a powder facet? Or do you want to learn which fruity Chypre fragrances have been created by independent niche brands?

To answer these questions and more, we have developed over 10 filters in order to refine your search and help you understand what defines a brand, a perfume category, or an era.


Speak the language of fragrance

Do you need to master and understand the vocabulary to understand perfume characteristics? Would you like to know how rose and bergamot are used in a fragrance?

To help you develop your perfume culture, the Olfathèque provides key information about fragrance families and facets, the main raw materials used in perfumery, and of course, perfumers and their creations.

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