Creation & Consulting

The Cinquième Sens Dream Team

Our dream team of perfumers and evaluators bring a creative breath of air to the perfume world.

Their role is to smell and smell any new launches and revolutionary accords, as well as coffee, tea, chocolate, spirits, wines, cosmetics and leather, among other things, in order to create perfumes and to bring meaning to the fast-paced world of fragrance.

We create the following for your company:

Home Fragrance

Do you need to develop a perfume or a home fragrance?

Cinquième Sens offers a range of unique and creative ideas, developed in our Paris laboratory.

Benefit from working in close contact with a perfumer who listens to your needs, and provides the skills to bring your projects to life.

Our partnership with Accords et Parfums in Grasse guarantees the best quality raw materials and high-tech production methods.

For perfume enquiries, please contact Alice Dattée, Senior Creative Perfumer

For home fragrance enquiries, please contact Camille Leguay, Creative Perfumer

Scented Events

Do you want to develop multi-sensorial, innovative client experiences?

Cinquième Sens helps you:

  • Enhance your products with a fragrant new angle
  • Communicate with your clients in an original way
  • Train and educate your teams through fragrance.

Our “Noses” help you to create a customized bouquet of aromas and to develop immersive, multi-sensorial experiences in numerous areas, such as gastronomy, oenology, culture and fashion etc.

Please contact: Camille Leguay, Creative Perfumer.

Scent Branding

Cinquième Sens has the skills and the know-how to help you develop a customized olfactory logo.

Our perfumers provide customized creations and work with evaluators and marketing consultants in order to deliver an identity that is both unique, and coherent with your brand.

We work hand-in-hand with diffusion systems companies to guarantee the most suitable technical solution for your needs and your spaces.

Please contact: Sarah BURRI

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