Work, Smell & Formulate

An innovative, unique, accessible space where you can smell, learn and formulate.

At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy three different coworking packages with flexible hourly, weekly or monthly rates.


Choose between office or counter spaces for a quiet or relaxed work environment with an internet connection. Bonus: access the expanded Olfathèque® database, for members’ use only.


A calm space to peruse all the Cinquième Sens Olfactoriums,® containing more than 500 perfume raw materials for you to smell and study, and as many major perfumes currently on the market.


With precision scales in private workstations containing perfume organs of 400 raw materials, all in a 5% solution in ethanol, you’ll find everything you need to weigh, test, and develop an unlimited number of your own compositions.

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