Creative Team Building

Enjoy a new experience

Let scent convey emotion with an original, enjoyable experience.

After a team-building fragrance activity, our clients note improved collaboration and communication among participants.

Break with convention; surprise, stimulate or even awaken the senses, to strengthen bonds within your company.

Cinquième Sens provides numerous team-building fragrance-based activities that are creative, recreational, cultural, fun, and will strengthen the cohesive links that are so important for your teams.

  • A flair for fragrance
  • Individual or group creative workshop
  • Taste and the sense of smell
  • Conferences
  • Events

Our workshops

A flair for fragrance

Scents & Emotions

A scent association game based on the 5 senses and adapted to the raw materials in the perfumer’s organ, where participants describe:

Perfume creation workshop

Create your own perfect accord

Compose your own fragrance with the help of 19 perfume facets created by Cinquième Sens.

Let the citrus, aromatic, floral, woody, leathery, powdery, and many other facets guide you on a journey into the kingdom of scent.

guide you on a journey into the kingdom of scent.

With a little drop of this and a little drop of that, enjoy mixing, testing and combining the facets.

When you find the perfect accord, your own unique fragrance will be revealed.

Each participant leaves with a bottle of their own fragrance.

Smell and taste

The subtleties of taste and smell

Establish a parallel between the sense of smell and the sense of taste via retro-olfaction.

Discover a selected product (coffee, wine, champagne, etc.) through its history, the scented illustrations that characterize it and the perfume connection.

This workshop can be held for large groups, or for smaller groups as an ongoing activity throughout an evening event.

Our conferences

Select your preferred sensorial experience

Developed for perfume-lovers, enthusiasts and the simply curious, who want to discover the world of perfume, our conferences are dedicated to the sense of smell across a diverse range of themes.

Define a theme

Choose a continent, an art form, a perfume or a colour, etc.
You’ll be surprised by the quantity of perfumed notes we can develop on a theme.

A few examples:

  • African inspiration
  • Memory is the perfume of the soul – George Sand
  • Let’s talk about waterlilies Claude Monet
  • The leather interior of a luxury car
  • Etc.

Choose a product

We analyse the scents that characterise this product and create a dedicated Olfactorium® (perfumer’s organ).

For example:

  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Cheese
  • Tea
  • Etc.


Events tailored to your needs

Define a programme that best corresponds to your objectives and let us create the perfect event with you.

Developed and adapted according to your products, activities and DNA, our scent events meet all your, seminar, conference and meeting needs etc.

Examples of activities for your themed events:

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